Sultans of Spice at BluPetal Hotel, Koramangala


The cuisine at Sultans of Spice pays homage to Kabul’s famous Damiyan food street, Punjab’s vibrant and flavourful preparations and also our very own 'purani Dilli’s' colourful culinary offerings.

Sultans of Spice offers culinary joys belonging to the rich legacy of the old Delhi Sultanate. The extravagant spreads, reminiscent of the royal tastes of the Sultans and the age old robust cooking techniques that promise to leave you pleased. Not only drawing inspiration from royalty, Sultans of Spice also offers buffets that include twists of humble dishes from street food across subcontinent that stimulates the palate with a punch of exciting flavours. Sultans of Spice is a bastion to Indian food made with a true Punjabi heart.

Buffet Lunch:

  • Mon - Tue = 648 + Tax
  • Wed - Saturday = 693 + Tax
  • Sunday Sultani Dawat = 774 + Tax
  • A la Carte
Opening Hours (On all the days):
  • 12 PM to 3:30 PM
  • 7 PM to 11:30 PM

Contact: 080-4343 1818